5 documentaries that will change your perspective

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You know some of those nights when you don’t feel like going to the gym and you don’t feel like watching the news and you just want to learn something? This list is for nights (or days) (or mornings) like that.

1. Before The Flood

If you’re in the mood: to stare at Leonardo DiCaprio. And I guess to better visualize the impacts of Climate Change. This National Geographic Documentary dives deep into the threat that climate change is imposing upon us as each year goes by. Get ready to travel to five continents and the Arctic to see the impacts with Leo himself.

How to Stream:  Netflix


2. Exit Through The Gift Shop

If you’re in the mood: for a major plot twist. Featuring Banksy among other street artists, you’ll learn about the culture of these artists which turns into a whole other unexpected story….

How to Stream: I bought this on Amazon but now I’m seeing it on YouTube for free…



3. Going Clear

If you’re in the mood: to be mind blown and question why our mind believes certain things. You’ve heard how wacky scientology is but have you ever learned about what the religion actually entails? What you are taught? What you have to do to achieve more intense levels of scientology? You’ll meet former scientologists and their unbelievable stories of what they went through to “get clear.”

How to stream: HBO


4. The True Cost

If you’re in the mood: to learn about something that is applicable and relevant to everyone – the clothing that we wear every single day. I mean unless of course you run around naked to work. This documentary will leave you with new knowledge about fibers, fast fashion and insights on to how to be a better, conscious consumer.

How to stream: Netflix


5. Class Divide

If you’re in the mood: to be inspired. Take a peek into the lives of students from the projects of Manhattan and compare that to the lives of the private schoolers across the street. You will come out of this documentary with a better understanding of the history of Manhattan’s High Line area and it’s past/present social problems.

How to stream: HBO



Do you have any documentaries that have changed your perspective? If so I would LOVE to watch them!!! Comment below or DM me.


The Sustennial


***BONUS (just other documentaries that I love - but didn't necessarily change my perspective on anything!)

Evil Genius

If you’re in the mood: for a murder mystery. This one miiiight leave you feeling like you need to watch an episode of Parks and Rec or Friends after before falling asleep. I BINGED this one – be prepared to be on the edge of your couch seat each episode.

How to Stream: Netflix



If you’re in the mood: for a thriller. The whole documentary I kept thinking, WTF if going on. This is a weird one but turns into a thrilling journey toward the end. One of those things where you can’t believe this is happening in the world. The good thing about it? It is literally about competitive tickling so you won’t go to bed afraid that something bad is going to happen to you like those murder documentaries. Well, maybe if you have a fear of being tickled.

How to Stream: HBO



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