Red Berry Almond Butter Toast

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So earlier in the year I wanted to write a post on how to make the most with what you have in your fridge before you head to the grocery store. Point being? Less waste of course. Sustainability nerd that I am. I never got around to writing that post but what I DID do today is come up with something from the leftovers I had from my last TJ trip that turned into something so, so good. Mind you it was also 7 degrees out today and there was no way in hell I was going to go out and get breakfast or make a grocery trip otherwise.

What I had left: Couple of spoonfuls of salted almond butter, sourdough multi grain bread, raspberries (a lot of them), strawberries, honey and coconut chips.

What I made: a beautiful looking, tart, sweet and salty treat for breakfast.

I clearly listed the ingredients above but here are some additional instructions.

  1. Toast the multigrain sourdough bread
  2. Mash the raspberries in a bowl, super easy. Mush until they look kind of like a jam!
  3. Slice about 5 strawberries verrrrry thinly
  4. Spread almond butter onto toast
  5. Add raspberry “mush”
  6. Add strawberry slices to look as you wish for your insta…. like I did…
  7. Crush coconut chips and drop over the toast as if you were Salt Bae
  8. Drizzle honey
  9. Take your pic LOL

If you’re like me, you’ll instantly think when biting into this toast that you should be somewhere tropical eating it, like Florida or something because of how fruity it tastes.



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