How to Make the Perfect Beyond Burger


I am BACK. I haven’t been able (have been too tired or too busy or insert other excuse here) to write a blog post in a WHILE. I even made a video for this but it’s too long and I’m afraid that I, myself, wouldn’t even want to sit through it. So I figured I’d just write instead. With all of this press about the Impossible Burger hitting nationwide Burger Kings, this serves as the perfect opportunity to give another plant based meat company, Beyond Meat, a little love.


I wanted to include some background that is important to think about when deciding on the trial of this newish “plant based meat” that’s hitting the shelves in our stores and our plates in the restaurants.

Meat is actually comprised of five things:

  1. Amino Acids
  2. Lipids
  3. Very small amount of carbohydrates
  4. Trace minerals
  5. Water

When you think about it, or I guess when the founder of Beyond Meat thought about it, he realized that each of these are available within the plant kingdom. I’m getting nightmares from the world Kingdom from Honors Bio in 9th grade. Still bummed I got a C in that class Mrs. Lamb. 

The animal serves as a bioreactor: taking each of these plant matters, running them through their system and creating muscle. That’s all the animal is actually doing.

The CEO thinks in 2009, “Well why can’t we take each of those plant products (amino acids, lipids, etc) and run it through another system? That doesn’t involve an animal?”

I know, I know, this thought is kind of…futuristic? But fast forward and I present you with the beautiful Beyond Burger! Made from plants and produced within a different system – and tastes pretty freaking good. (I hate veggie burgers)

The Beyond Burger alone has been the sole reason I’ve been able to successfully give up red meat. Let me tell you – I was a CHEESEBURGER IN PARADISE kind of girl. Until I learned about the negative and significant impacts that meat has on our environment. Cow slash beef production being the worst 🙁 Darn it methane!

Every time you choose a Beyond Burger (or generally an Impossible Burger too if we’re being fair) rather than a 1/4 pound beef burger, you will:  

  • Emit 90% Fewer Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Use 99% Less Water
  • Use 93% Less Land
  • Use 46% Less Energy

If you’re more into health, and we’re comparing this to a whopper from Burger King, you will: 

  • Take in 90% Less Cholesterol
  • Take in 15% Less Fat
  • Take in the same amount of protein (~20 grams) 

My favorite thing about Beyond Meat as a company? Their mission is to produce plant based meat without sacrificing the taste of and desire to eat a juicy burger. A win-win for people who care about the climate and health.


So first things first. Where can you buy a beyond burger?

Whole Foods babyyyy! So accessible. They are usually in a back corner near (but not in) the frozen section and associates are usually familiar. Make sure you grab the two pack that has “The Beyond Burger” on it. They sell another single patty (forget what it’s called) and I don’t think it’s as good.

What pairs well with a Beyond Burger?


  • Sir Kensington’s Special Sauce (think healthy McDonald’s Big Mac sauce)
  • Any ketchup sweetened only with honey (Hellmann’s or Heinz are both great)
  • Optional: Cheddar Cheese if it helps you feel more like it’s your traditional burger


ketchup 1

Got buns hun? I usually go for whole wheat.

On the side: Sweet potato fries. I buy the frozen kind from Whole Foods. Douse them in olive oil and add some sea salt. MMMMMM. And then of course cook them.

Prep + Cooking

Alright being that we are mostly millennials, live in apartments, I’m going to take a guess and say that most of us don’t have grills. I have literally only made this on a skillet – and perhaps filled my little manhattan and old city apartment with smoke – but will be pumped when I have the means to grill this.

  1. Heat your metal or cast iron skillet with a couple teaspoons of coconut oil on medium/hot.
  2. Once hot, drop that patty and listen to that sizzle!
  3. Set your timer for 3 minutes. Nudge it a little every minute so it doesn’t stick too much.
  4. Cover for last minute if possible.
  5. Time to toast that bun!
  6. At end of three minute timer, FLIP. THAT. PATTY.
  7. Set timer for another three minutes on other side.
  8. Cover again for last minute of this round.
  9. Flip both sides – it they look burnt – that’s a good thing. With beyond burgers, you’ll find that they are almost always better overdone rather than undercooked. PS – it’s now raw meat so don’t worry too much even if is undercooked.
  10. Melt your cheese on if you see fit.
  11. Transport patty to toasted bun.
  12. Add that special sauce + honey sweetened ketchup to your liking. I always put some extra for dipping. I can’t help myself.

This combo is unreal.


Make sure to eat hot off the skillet (or grill) with a beer of your choice and those sweet, sweet potato fries. Can you tell this is my favorite meal?!

I’m pumped for you guys to try it if you haven’t already while doing good things for this earth and your health.


  • Covering  the patty on the skillet for a bit on each side is key. It will ensure that your Beyond Burger cooks the whole way through.
  • Add whatever it is that you would typically eat on a burger – onion, lettuce, tomato. This will ensure that it tastes as close to possible as the burger we really do all know and love.

If you’re interested in learning more about my suggestions for plant based proteins in general and what I make on a weekly basis, I would love to chat about it! DM me, call me, message me.

PS – There’s also a great How I Built This podcast by the founder of Beyond Meat that’s worth a listen to give you context behind the creation of this company.


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