How this little box creates a bigger impact than imaginable


Subscription boxes are everywhere these days. Recurring revenue? Predicted revenue? That’s a big hell yes for startups and businesses looking to get bought as some key metrics.

According to Forbes, there are 7,000 subscription boxes in the world, with 70% being in the US. I’m here to tell you about just one of those – with a mission that (what I think) has more heart it in than any Fit Fab Fun, BirchBox or Dollar Shave Club could ever hold.

In this post:

  • You’ll learn a little but more about what Crate of Good actually is
  • The types of products that typically come inside of one
  • The impacts that are made from just one of these blue boxes depicted below


I’ll begin with saying that I’ve never personally been interested in a subscription box really until this one.

  • I never wanted to get tricked (again) (after class pass), sign up for something and then get charged behind the scenes month after month without knowledge (Cough cough, classpass, hundreds of $$ later…my own dang fault!)
  • I look around my apartment already and I’m like: the last thing I need is more… as my dad would say it… “junk”

Both of these hesitations and objections kind of disappeared when I came across Crate of Good.

So what is Crate of Good?

Crate of Good is a subscription box company that sends you a package each quarter of the year. Each of their products has positively impacted one of the four pillars listed below. 

  1. The Environment
  2. Animals
  3. Poverty
  4. For Children

What do you mean, each product has made an impact?

Think about the Tom’s model: buy a pair of shoes and we’ll donate one to a child in need. Each product is kind of like that. Each product has an impact.

What are some examples of these products that come inside a “Crate of Good”?

If you just feel like listening, and it’s a week night, and you’ve done enough reading at work today, feel free to watch my youtube video below explaining the products that came inside of my box. You can also continue reading on for a short and sweet synopsis…

Here’s a snapshot of what the box looks like once opened: 


Product #1: Honey

  • Impact Pillar: Helping Animals
  • Actual Impact: Crate of Good has made a donation to Detroit Hives to plant a flower bed for bees to continue thriving.
  • Foundation: Detroit Hives


PS: I promised in my youtube video to address why bees are important to our environment as I was kind of unsure on the topic myself. Turns out that bees are imperative for plants and crops to continue growing: without plants and crops prospering, they wouldn’t be able to absorb CO2 which is needed to keep climate temperatures lower, in tact, rather than rising with too much CO2 in our atmosphere.

Product #2: Coffee

  • Impact Pillar: Helping Children
  • Actual Impact: Portion of the proceeds have been donated by CoffeeHaus to fund that sponsors 650 children to attend school in Ethiopia
  • Company: CoffeeHaus

Product #3: Bottle Opener

  • Impact Pillar: Helping the Environment
  • Actual Impact: A tree has been planted with the retrieval of this bottle opener.
  • Company: Woodchuck USA (PS since 2015, they’ve planted over 13.1 million trees around the globe, positively affecting reforestation on all 7 continents!)

Product #4: Candle

  • Impact Pillar: Lifting those in need out of poverty
  • Actual Impact: By receiving the candle, you have donated a meal to someone in need
  • Company: Feya Candle Co.


Was so pumped about these products because well, I needed coffee, my last candle just expired, I didn’t have a bottle opener to bring to the beach and oh I put honey on something at least 2x a day (tea, toast, granola, etc). So useful. And so not junk that will clutter my apartment. 

I know what you might be thinking. Well Chrissy I’m confused because don’t you only really care about the environment when it comes down to it?

I was kind of thinking yes. I mean I hope I’m not a horrible person and of course I care about animals, poverty and children but my stronger interests do lie with positively impacting the environment. That’s why Crate of Good allows you to choose your impact of choice when checking out. When you do this, they will make an extra impact in that pillar for you. 

Crate of Good allows you to pick your favorite impact pillar while checking out and you can make an ADDITIONAL impact to the one you’re already doing with just the Crate of Good. Specific to the pillar of your choice.

On top of that, you can use my code below Chrissy5 to plant an additional 4 trees.


Impact Code aka to plant another four trees: Chrissy5 

When Crate of Good Comes in Handy:

There are so many times where it’s Christmas, or someone’s birthday and I know that they literally have EVERYTHING that they could possibly need and want to get something unique for them.


That is where Crate of Good would be perfect as a gift for that person. You are doing good, feeling good, spending money that actually creates an impact on not one, but four levels. Still a total element of surprise with not knowing what’s coming in your next box – but knowing that they will not go to waste and be integrated into your home and ultimately, used.

For anyone that cares about sustainability, gift giving, making an impact, being a conscious consumer, this might just be the subscription box for you.

With lots of tree planting love,

The Sustennial


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