Meet the sustainable fashion designers of Adalinda’s NYFW show

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Hi! How is everyone enjoying the slightly fall weather!?! I feel like every single September I’m always checking Instagram and see multiple posts for New York Fashion Week.

With that being said, I have some really exciting news. We’re talking like bucket list item, do before you die, DREAM.

I’m going to be walking in this year’s Adalinda Fashion Show as part of New York Fashion Week! The best part – it’s all about sustainable fashion!

We know that fashion is the third most polluting industry in the world. Hence that is exactly why we need to celebrate the designers who are doing the opposite and creating fabrics, reusing materials to make our clothing instead of the status quo. 

One of those companies? Adalinda.

Adalinda’s mission is to connect consumers with sustainable fashion. How do they do that? By working with sustainable fashion designers to put on events that make it easy to see their clothes, learn about these designers and make more conscious and responsible purchase decisions.

Adalinda is the one hosting this sustainable fashion show as part of NYFW. 

This year they are showcasing three (I think maybe four now!) sustainable designers.

Maria Maurio 

She ethically sources natural and organic dyes and fibers. Her brand supports the United Nations Sustainability Goals, specifically Climate Action and Responsible Consumption and Production. 

As you may know, traditional dying is a very toxic process. It often uses hundreds of thousands of gallons of fresh water and after the chemically intensive dying process, that same water is toxic afterwards and dumped back into rivers over seas. Toxic water often streams into the local communities and can have impacts to those community members – such as cancer and birth defects. Not to mention that same water can run into our oceans and impact marine life.

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 8.07.41 PM
The Andrea Strapless Dress

From The Topp

Haley Topp is showing her zero waste collection at the show – she leveraged typical waste to produce her line. Think old newspapers from your local coffee shop. This is a huge trend right now…

Threads of Habit 

Halima Garret founded vintage a while when her grandmother had a vintage shop in Brooklyn. From there she’s always loved the thrill of the thrift and has her own shop. 

I really love this one because we all know that thrifting can be hit or miss. We often feel like – who even let this in the store…. who would even buy this? It’s often like old woman clothing, super out of style, etc etc and a thrift gem is rare. Halima curates for style, for strategic vintage, so you know you’re walking into her store or website for some good finds.

By shopping vintage, you’re keeping clothes out of the landfill and often choosing pieces that are more cost effective for your budget. WITH the designer tag.

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 8.22.24 PM
Threads of Habit Vintage

Why should you come?

I know that we cherish our routines on our week day nights – especially in NYC. Really any city as a 20 something. We get into such a groove and it can be hard to break it and go out on a whim and attend an event. Maybe you have enough happy hours as it is and the last thing that we want to do after a long day at work is put on another cute outfit, and sit and mingle for a few hours.


  1. You will learn something new about fabrics that you put on your body every single day of your entire life (male + female!)
  2. You can shop for your new favorite piece while sitting and have someone literally modeling it for you in front of you (none of annoying greets from walking into a store, them not even having it in your size, harsh lights with no air brick and mortar stores) Adalinda is working with an app called Kargoe that makes it easy to shop the clothes in the show from your phone.
  3. It’s likely that you will meet someone new or hang out with your girlfriends in a setting that is so glam and so fun and just so…New York! (I’m imagining Sex and the City fashion show?!)
  4. You are supporting multiple women, and entrepreneurs who are taking risks with their life and career to follow their passion and better this planet that we live on.

The show is on September 12th with two times including 5:30pm and 7:30pm at 470 7th Avenue Floor 4 in Manhattan. 

You can buy your tickets here on Eventbrite.

You won’t to miss this!


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