I opened my first Nuuly box and here’s how I felt

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IT’S DECIDED. I love Nuuly so much. They have found a way to intersect that oh so exciting feeling of getting a fre$h to death outfit (yes I did that dollar sign on purpose) with something that is a more sustainable model: renting clothes rather than buying them forever and letting them sit in your closet for the few times that you might wear that satin dress you had to buy for that wedding for someone you barely knew. 

One of URBN’s newest brands (for anyone who doesn’t know: URBN owns Urban Outfitters, Free People, Terrain, and Anthropologie) launched a brand called Nuuly which you can subscribe to for $88 per month. 

Okay so what do I get for $88 per month…?

6 NEW PIECES OF CLOTHING TO WEAR! Ahhhh! Once you subscribe you can pick any of the 6 pieces that your heart desires from their website. We’re talking the Anthro dress that was $220 which you didn’t even want to try on because you knew you would look great in it but couldn’t afford. We’re talking the ripped jeans from Free people that you wanted to wear to the beer garden this weekend but you just couldn’t stomach adding a fifth pair to your destroyed jean set. We’re talking the pieces that you LOVE that you can wear with a much, much smaller commitment than a purchase. 

I had heard about Rent the Runway but I had the impression that was literally for more nicer, formal dresses so I had never signed up. When I heard about Nuuly – I thought – wow what a great idea. These items will stay “new” for each person that gets to rent them and not be thrown away due to one person’s thoughts of being “out of style” sent to the landfill.

I decided to film my first experience opening in the video below! It felt like Christmas…

To summarize the basics about Nuuly before watching:

  1. You pay $88 per month
  2. You get to pick out 6 pieces of clothing of your choice from their website in your size
  3. You will receive the clothes (video) and then you have to send back before your next billing date. The return label comes in the box for you. 
  4. Oh yeah – if you absolutely LOVE IT you can buy it. How many times do we buy something thinking we’ll wear something so much but we actually don’t? And then we’re stuck with it? And then throw it away a year later? Ugh. This is deterring that from happening! 

I think that larger fashion conglomerates struggle with changing the supply chain that they already have put in place with producing certain materials. Although these clothing pieces are still likely made with synthetic polyester, spandex and other fibers that don’t necessarily help the earth when entering the landfill – I truly believe that this is an example of a large business taking a step in the right direction via innovation in how we consume – for the BETTER!

Let me know what you think if you decide to subscribe to Nuuly, too!

XO The Sustennial

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