These products from Crate of Good blew me away

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When I found out that my Crate of Good box arrived from an email notification I was so happy. Well, wait. Oh shoot. That’s my Philadelphia address. I forgot to update it!

One of the many headaches of moving. My billing address has been my apartment address from over 2 years ago at this point. Anyone else just – can’t keep up? Even though these things taken seconds to update.

Luckily I was on my way to Philly the next day and could pick it up in my old lobby. Hoping someone didn’t take it, I was so relieved to see the turquoise waiting for me!

I was really excited for this fall box. It’s their second box EVER and they were kind enough to ask all who received for feedback on the last one. I opened it up and was so freaking happy. All of these products looked so new, so innovative, so impactful and so- useful. That’s what I really value in a subscription box.

If you recall from my last Crate of Good post, each product creates some sort of positive impact just from consuming it via Crate of Good. Here are a few of my favorites…


Company: Sprout Pencils

What are sprout pencils? Pencils that are plantable after consumption! After I use these pencils all up, I can use the ends of them to plant and grow basil. Pesto anyone?

Impact: Consume writing utensils more sustainably by giving it a second life as a plant. 


Company: Sand Cloud

Okay I love these metal straws because they came with their own individuals little mini bags and cleaners to just pop into each of my backpacks/purses so I ALWAYS can have one on hand! This will be especially great for the summer with iced coffee…

Impact: Save baby turtles by protecting nesting beaches around the world. (Plastic straws usually end up in the ocean as they are typically too small to filter through sewers, etc.)


Company: Edditude

Ummm these feel AMAZING. And I can’t wait to use these for the next guest in our apartment! According to the Crate of Good impact guide, Ettitude creates the “most comfortable and sustainable fabrics to bring you the best sleep possible.”

All of their products are made from this awesome fiber called, “Bamboo Lyocell Fiber,” which is a sustainable textile that is sourced from a renewable plant and uses less resources to produce into product than traditional cotton. 

Impact: Sustainably sourced bedding from a renewable plant fiber. If you choose “Environment” as the cause that you care the most about when signing up for Crate of Good, they will also plant four trees on your behalf!

a picture of a sustainably sourced bamboo pillow case

You can also find other INCREDIBLE products in this season’s Crate of Good. Additional products include a mug from the Kind Coalition that donates 50% of the profits to organizations who are working to combat bullying around the world. A lunch box that provides school supplies to a child who doesn’t have any to start the new year. THESE ARE BIG THINGS PEOPLE! Ugh – I feel so great already. 

Crate of Good is an amazing gift for this Christmas. Think about someone who LOVES to good – this is their perfect match. You’re making an impact simply through ordering and consumption. You’re finding out and getting inspired by companies who are using their business as a force for good. It’s a win win win WIN. You can check out their website here. 

Use my code Chrissy5 if you decide to order and Crate of Good will plant an additional 4 trees on your behalf. We could all use it after these crazy recent wildfires!

Have a great rest of your week everyone! Let me know if you have any questions!


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