Climate Strike Signs: The best of the best

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As most of you probably saw in one moment or another on social media – the world took massive action in terms of protesting to push for our government to act against climate change. According to Global Climate Strike, 7.6 million people showed up on the streets. Swedish teenage activist, Greta Thunberg, began protesting in her home town for “Fridays for the Future” and held a notorious “School strike for climate” sign. Eventually these began to grow and before we know it – we saw our first global climate strike in the month of September across 185 countries. WOW.

Scrolling through Instagram and articles – it was evident that people were putting their best foot forward (literally) to march. Their creativity, words and signs went viral and I wanted to highlight the best of the best. I’ve shared a few below that really made me think or really made me laugh.


Shout out to Ariana

break up with your fossil fuels, i'm bored


The Struggle


According to my friend, me if I were emo. 


That’s when you know. This is important.  



Hang on, Sharon!! I’ll be there in two hours and might need some dry clothes!

Too often do we think we are the only ones who need this Earth.


This one just pulls at your heart strings. 


And that’s a wrap for the best of the best. What signs really struck you as powerful? Any quotes that you’ve seen lately that have made you really think?



The Sustennial



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