Holiday Gift Ideas with Purpose

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Tis the season! You know how some years – the holidays seem to go super quickly and you don’t get to appreciate them? This is not one of those years. This is one of those years where I’m fully embracing the Christmas movies every night on AMC, actually went and got a live tree and took time to truly decorate the apartment!

One thing though, that never changes around this time, is the “stress” (?) of gift-giving! I’m always entering stores thinking: this person who I’m shopping for definitely already has like five of these in their closet and nothing in these stores seems to be “unique.

That’s why I wanted to come up with a few ideas to help brainstorm what you can get for your loved ones! While the below may not all be totally unique- these gifts do have purpose. Whether they’re sustainable or their business is operating for the greater good- you can feel so good purchasing while exciting the recipient!

I made a YouTube video below explaining each of these gift ideas. However if you’re looking for the short version- read on and I will link to where you can purchase each here, too! 

Feya Candle

$ Price Point: $17

For every candle purchased- Feya feeds a child in need. These candles last so long too and smell amazing! They have a candle for the seasons and also an original line.



$ Price point: $11.99

Stashers have become such a staple for me and I personally was so happy to receive these as a gift. They replace the need for one-time use plastic bags. You can store SO much in these since they can be frozen, microwaved and put in the dishwasher! Pick out some fun colors for your loved one to have!


United By Blue Bison Socks

$ Price point: $38

Okay this is REALLY COOL. Bison shed their undercoat once a year and it usually goes to waste. However United By Blue actually has found a way to leverage it for an entire line of clothing! If you can imagine- the bison’s undercoat keeps them warm through the harshest of winters. That will give you an idea as to how warm these socks are! Perfect for the mountains or lounging around the house in the winter time.


Odeme Silicone Wine Glasses

$ Price Point: $10-19

If you want the pink ones (they come with a really cute travel bag!) – feel free to use the link below. For some reason they’re not on their original site now but can be found on eBay or Poshmark.


You can also just click into Amazon and pick out any silicone wine glasses if you don’t love the pink!


Crate of Good

$ Price Point: Box is $59.99 and Monthly Pack is $13.99 (You don’t have to subscribe you can just make a one time purchase)

Crate of good is a social-impact subscription box! It’s full of products from companies who are making a HUGE positive impact in this world: whether it’s helping children in need, building schools in Africa, or saving our environment, you’re introduced to some incredible companies. If you’re curious to learn more about some of the box products, check out my posts on their fall box and their summer box.


Also! A few other stocking stuffer ideas not mentioned in the video….

Muuskaan Make Up

$ Price Point: $29

These lipsticks are B-E-A-UTIFUL! Better yet? By purchasing one you are also contributing to a charity that you get to select when checking out. These lipsticks are totally vegan and free of harmful chemicals. My favorite shade is bougie brunch.


Reusable Bamboo Wipes

$ Price Point: $11.67

Another great stocking stuffer for anyone who wears make up is reusable bamboo make up wipes. You can use them with make up remover or toner and when you’re finished, you can wash them all for re-use! A much more eco-friendly alternative to make up wises and doesn’t really sacrifice much convenience at all. They are also so much softer and better for your skin.


PS – If you buy any gifts this holiday season on Google they actually purchase carbon offsets to neutralize emissions created by each shipment! 

If you have any other ideas- let me know!! I hope these were helpful- HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

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