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Piper Wai’s activated charcoal is the key to natural deodorant success

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I’d say it’s been maybe about a year now that I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect, natural deodorant, that was free from aluminum.

I remember googling “Why is aluminum bad for underarms?” and Google basically told me that our bodies naturally sweat out toxins. When we are unable to sweat (because aluminum is essentially clogging those sweat gland pores) the toxins can’t get out.

It seemed pretty plain and simple. But was it?

I was really interested to find a ton of controversy on this topic. You can tell that the question alone of whether or not it is harmful is pushing consumers to search for cleaner offerings. According to Globe News Wire, the aluminum-free deodorant market is expected to grow by 10% in 2020.

So with that, I went on a hunt for the facts. For studies that are published by .gov sites so that I (for lack of a better phrase) know that it’s real evidence to make an informed decision about my deodorant ingredient choice.

Here’s one thing I didn’t know…aluminum isn’t bad to ingest with the right amount. For example, we eat aluminum in everyday products including food and over the counter medication. At 5 grams a day, there is no ham according to Scientific American.

Another claim that I came across was that although aluminum holds in sweat, there aren’t any toxins in that sweat, it’s mostly just electrolytes and water. I found a study that proves that wrong published by the US National Institute Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.

These scientists wanted to test whether four known carcinogens, Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead and Mercury were found in our sweat. They concluded that “sweating offers potential and deserves consideration to assist with removal of toxic elements from the body. Available evidence suggests that physicians could consider recommending sweating as tolerated via exercise and/or use of a sauna as a low-risk, potentially beneficial treatment for individuals who may be experiencing effects of toxic elements, or for individuals with regular exposure to or accretion of toxicants.”

The US National Library of Medicine also published that “Experimental observations indicate that its [aluminum salts found in antiperspirant deodorant] long term application may correlate with breast cancer development and progression. This action is proposed to be attributed, among others, to aluminum possible estrogen-like activities.”

From these findings alone, I can safely deduce that I will be using aluminum deodorant sparingly. Good thing I’m not running around in hot weather during this quarantine.

I did however come across a deodorant brand that I have been having such positive results from using. By positive results – I mean that I don’t smell after applying after the day goes on and even after my workouts. Let’s be honest my workouts are more like stretching during quarantine. Hard to find the motivation.

Piper Wai’s Natural Deodorant Cream

I started to use Piper Wai’s Natural Deodorant Cream. It’s main ingredient is activated charcoal which is a NATURAL odor neutralizer as well as sweat absorber. Additional ingredients include nourishing shea butter, clary sage, peppermint oil, and even honeysuckle! It smells like a spa full of essential oils but doesn’t feel greasy at all!

Chrissy applying Piper Wei sustainable natural deodorant cream

Their jar is also made from recyclable glass and can be reused for a cute little flower pot or jewelry jar.

Piper Wei deodorant jar sustainable packaging

All you do is take a little scoop and rub into your armpits. It fades away upon rubbing so you don’t see any grey.

This is the only one that I haven’t smelled ANYTHING and have been so pleased with how long it lasts. If you want to try for yourself, head to Piper Wai‘s website. They are also available in most GNC’s and some Philly Whole Foods.

They also have incredible bathroom spritzer and hand cleansers. I would highly recommend and even make for such a sweet gift set.

As always, thank you for reading and would love to hear your thoughts on aluminum-free deodorants, what’s worked for you, what hasn’t worked, what you’ve tried!


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