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#NYFW Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes of Adalinda’s February NYFW sustainable fashion show.

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I hope everyone is doing okay during this unfathomable time for our country.

While there are many more pressing issues and ways to be spending our time to support the BLM movement, I did take a few minutes between researching environmental racism and engage in something that always enables my own creativity – video editing. One of the models in the video, Anisa Benitez, encourages her philosophy of “creative wellness” on her own social channel and platform, More By Her. We should be taking time to celebrate and use our creativity, especially when our hearts are hurting. 

While my skills come at a high school media and broadcasting level…and with iMovie…I really enjoy making them, playing around with the music and clips.

A space? With a bunch of people? Sitting closely together? It seems so foreign. This NYFW show by Adalinda came together to connect consumers to sustainable clothing. 

I made a quick video combining all of the snippets I had from before and even a few walks. If you’re interested in attending the next show, it is scheduled for September 12, 2020 in NYC.

Fingers crossed we can have it and continue to sustainable fashion celebration!

If you are interested in learning about one of the sustainable fashion designers from the show, Caitlin Decker, check out the interview here

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  1. I love this! Love that you’re tapping deeper into your creativity – I agree that it’s so important to be celebrated. Also, video editing is such a useful skill to have!!

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