photo of mural sponsored by converse

Converse Sponsors Murals That Fight Air Pollution


Photo Source: Looking Good Studio via CNN


…common words that describe Converse sneakers. They also sound like the opposite of fast fashion.

Because Converse was purchased by Nike in 2003, it could be assumed that Nike’s impact practices have been replicated onto Converse. And Nike doesn’t have the best rep on that front with regard to their factory violations overseas. However it seems that Converse has a mind of its own when it comes to its vision for environmental impact.

How so?

The infamous “Chuck Taylor All Star” shoe brand is sponsoring murals around the world that use a special paint that takes pollutants out of the air. This technology uses light energy to break down these pollutants and converts them into harmless substances, according to CNN.

photo of mural sponsored by Converse

Photo Source: Good Looking Studio, CNN

I always knew that they were a cool brand. Where can I see one?

You’re in luck if you live in Bangkok or Warsaw. Those are the only two cities in which the murals are finished right now. Fret not, more are planned to go up shortly in eleven cities including Sydney, San Paulo and Jakarta.

According to Converse, the Warsaw mural has an equivalent impact of planting 780 trees while Bangkok’s is 150 trees.

That’s a lot of trees. How much better could it get?

Better. They have an entire ReNew collection which factors in at least 40% of recycled content by weight. They partner with a company called Beyond Retro to upcycle discarded jeans into “one-of-a-kind classics” and use scrapped rubber grinds from Nike for their Crater Foam soles.

photo of converse rubber grind bottom shoe

Photo Source: Converse

These murals serve as a way for Converse not only to take action toward a better future but also to foster positive brand recognition amongst citizens in major global cities.

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