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10 Inspirational Ideas for Sustainable Holiday Shopping

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Hey guys! How is everyone doing? 

I feel like I have been MIA. Ironically as my life becomes more involved with sustainability given my studies, I feel like I am lacking when it comes to producing Sustennial focused content. By the way, I forgot to announce, the word, “Sustennial” is officially a registered trademark!

The good news is that I’m learning all of these skills to make business more sustainable. It’s so exciting. Maybe when I FINALLY go on break, I can write something describing some of the skills that I was taught throughout the semester. 

Anyways, getting a little less nerdy, it’s the holiday season! It crept up so quickly. Surprising given how slow this year has felt…

Leading up to this holiday season I have been thinking about how I want to limit the gifts that I give to loved ones this year to solely be experiences. I think this quarantine has shown all of us that we really have everything we need. For example, I’ve worn my Patagonia fleece and Lululemon leggings pretty much 98% of the days during quarantine, lol. Anyone else? Or just me? 

BUT let’s be realistic. It DOES feel good to get some goodies inside of your stocking or to unwrap a gift. Talk about a dopamine rush. Below I’ve included some inspirational ideas for experiential gifts as well as sustainable websites to explore for your own gift giving this holiday season. Some are copied over from the video I did last year (so cheesy) and some are new. Let me know if you have any other ideas and I’ll be sure to add!

Experiential Gift Ideas

Hello Fresh or Blue Apron

Spa Treatment Gift Card

  • Facial, Massage 

Brunch Spot Gift Card

  • For areas that allow indoor dining

1 month Subscription to a Rental Clothing company such as Nuuly or Rent the Runway

1 month Subscription to Misfits Market (east coast) or Imperfect Foods (west coast)

  • 25% off Misfits Market using code HOLIDAY25
Sustainable Websites To Browse For Gifts

If you are looking for more of the tangible gifts for someone to fully open and enjoy on the spot, these sites might be a good starting point. 

United By Blue


  • Totally organic, fair trade basic wear
  • Great for quarantine lounging clothes

Package Free Shop

  • All products are curated to help consumers live a waste-free life
  • Shop beauty, kitchen and bathroom categories


  • Zero waste soaps and shampoos and… all things essential for your bathroom! 



Sustainable Wrapping Ideas

Use old (or thrift) headscarves to wrap your gifts. Watch this video to learn how. 

If your parents (or anyone in your household) still reads the newspaper, use it once they’re finished to wrap your gifts. 

If you choose to buy new bags, make sure to keep them for next year! Last year was our first Christmas as a family where we didn’t buy one single new bag. All were reused from the year prior. 


Thanks everyone! Hopefully this is a good starting point for some inspiration for your holiday “shopping!” Let me know if you have any other ideas. 

The Sustennial

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