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Impossible Meat Breakfast Burritos

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Yesterday Jack and I went on a hike, rather a climb. Vertically up a canyon. We were on all fours for miles – I wish I was exaggerating! When we got home, I’d felt like I’d just ran a marathon with no training and my legs felt like jello.

I woke up today (as anyone would after that) so hungry. I knew my regular fruit, cashew yogurt and cashew butter wasn’t going to cut it. I needed something… heavier. That’s when the idea to make a massive breakfast burrito with Impossible meat popped into my mind!

It did not disappoint. While I still am unable to tell whether or not these photos of the burrito appear appetizing, you can trust my word that it was. All of the ingredients are from Trader Joe’s if that’s helpful but I’m sure you can get them anywhere that also sells Impossible Meat.

Here’s What You’ll Need


  1. Organic Mini Medley of Colored Potatoes. We get this kind from Trader Joe’s but any other small red potato should do just fine.

2. Organic green pepper

3. Yellow Onion

4. Pink Himalayan Salt

5. Fresh Cracked Pepper

6. Vegetable Oil (usually Soybean oil) 


  1. 0.25 lbs of Impossible Meat (this equates to a third of the slab that it usually comes in) 
  2. Chili Powder


  1. Tortilla of your choice 
  2. Shredded cheddar cheese
  3. Sour cream (optional)
  4. Mild salsa (or medium, if you wish!) 

Here’s How To Make It

First, you’ll want to work on the breakfast potatoes because that will take the longest to cook. We will be putting these into the breakfast burrito. 

  1. Pour a thin-ish layer of vegetable oil onto a cast iron skillet. Turn on medium heat.   
  2. Chop up medley of potatoes to small cubes or triangles. 
  3. Chop half of the organic green pepper to small cubes. 
  4. Finely chop half of a white onion. 
  5. Add potatoes onto oil when hot. Make sure that the potatoes are as flat as possible so that they are able to cook through. 
  6. Let these cook for about five minutes. Flip so that new sides of the potatoes can cook and add a few shakes of salt and pepper. 
  7. Continue to flip the potatoes every 5-7 minutes. 
  8. When the potato skin begins to turn light brown, add the green peppers and mix so that the peppers are now coated with oil. Add more oil if needed. 
  9. After about 5-7 minutes, add the onion into the mixture to begin cooking. 
  10. Continue flipping until potatoes, peppers and onion are soft. Give it a taste to be sure!
  11. Leave these to the side. 
breakfast potatoes

Next, we’ll move onto cooking the Impossible Meat. 

  1. Heat your skillet on medium and coat with oil of your choice. I usually do olive oil. 
  2. Once heated, break up meat initially and add onto skillet. 
  3. After a few minutes of sizzling, turn meat to ensure that bottom is light brown and getting cooked. Flip meat accordingly as you would cooking ground beef or ground turkey. 
  4. Continue to break up meat. 
  5. When about half of it is cooked through, add a few shakes of chili powder to the meat and continue to mix and flip. 
  6. Break piece to ensure it is cooked through. 
  7. Leave to the side. 

Now, it’s time to craft the final burrito. 

  1. Lay tortilla of your choice on a plate. Sprinkle shredded cheddar cheese to the amount of your liking. 
  2. Pop into the microwave for 30 seconds to let cheese melt on top of the tortilla.
  3. Add the cooked Impossible meat on top of the cheese. 
  4. Add the breakfast potatoes on top of the meat. 
  5. Add one spoonful of salsa (or more, if you wish!) 
  6. Optional: Add one scoop of sour cream and spread. 
  7. Fold the bottom of the burrito up and fold the two attached side inward one, by one, to get your burrito!

Mine got pretty messy. I’m not complaining. Just make sure you have a dish towel handy.

Kind of a last minute thought… this would also be so good with black beans and avocado if those ingredients interest you. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! If you post your creation, tag me! I’d love to see it. 

with love for the planet, 

the sustennial

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