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United By Blue Launches In Target

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Philadelphia-based sustainable outdoor apparel company, United By Blue, removes one pound of trash from waterways for every product purchased. They’ve also (low key, high key) won the partnership of big box retailer, Target, for their new Impact Collection. The line features sustainably sourced, high-quality clothing using the following materials.

1. Hemp

  • Requires 50% less water compared to conventional cotton
  • Returns 60-70% of the nutrients it takes from soil
  • Becomes softer and softer with each use (mmh, cozy)

2. Organic Cotton

  • Uses 88% less water than conventional cotton
  • Requires 62% less energy than conventional cotton
  • Does not use any toxic chemicals that could pollute nearby waterways and soil

3. Recycled Polyester (rPET)

  • Production requires 59% less energy compared to virgin polyester
  • Emits 32% less carbon dioxide emissions compared to virgin polyester
  • Keeps plastic out of landfills and waterways
target and united by blue partner
why is this a big deal?

This means that sustainable fashion is exposed and accessible to a whole new market of consumers nationwide. It also debunks the myth that sustainable fashion has to be expensive. Not to mention, it attracts sustainability-minded consumers to Target. A win-win-win.


Doesn’t matter. We need this healthy competition. The collection drops months after Walmart launched their own sustainable fashion brand called Free Assembly. Their line has similar price points ($9-$45) and features styles using organic cotton and denim washes that required less water usage. 

the bottom line

For the first time, we’re seeing sustainable fashion being offered at affordable prices, at scale.

with love for the planet,
the sustennial

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