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plant based food

welcome to the sustennial network

My name is Chrissy and I’m so happy that you’re here! 

When my sustainability journey began in college, I honestly felt a little embarrassed for my beliefs. Whether it was asking someone at a party where the recycling bin was or declining a straw at a restaurant with colleagues, it became apparent that it wasn’t the norm.

Mind you, I was also studying business simultaneously. As these beliefs started to form, I began to question business as a whole and yearn to understand those who were profiting by integrating sustainable business practices. 

I wanted to start this social channel as a means to celebrate:

  1. The sustainable lifestyle vs. feeling like an outsider 
  2. Businesses that are integrating sustainability into their practices

define sustennial: sustainable millennial

Within this social channel (via this website, email newsletter, instagram handle and YouTube) I hope to explore new ways to support businesses that are enabling us to live a sustainable lifestyle as a millennial. Whether it’s eating more plants, choosing sustainable fabrics, or subbing disposables for reusables – it’s a big deal for mother earth and it needs to be celebrated!

So join me, in whichever parts that interest you most, on this sustainable journey we call life. Having fun, exploring new companies and ways to live with less of an impact is what this place is all about. 

If you’re new to the site, please say hello. I don’t buy followers and let’s be honest, my followers are pretty much my friends and family, so when someone new visits – I’m always excited. 

Photo Credit: D’Anthony Photography Adalinda Sustainable Fashion Show