Author: Christina Lampert

Why Your Chocolate Decisions Matter

Over the last year, my eyes have been opened to the world of sourcing cocao (known as cocoa) beans. Watch this short video I made which provides you with an overview of the key findings. The bottom line? Your chocolate choices matter!  View this post on Instagram A post shared by Christina Lampert (@thesustennial) Thank

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Bio-Based Plastics: Too Good To Be True?

photo of compost bin

compostable and biodegradable…plastics? As a consumer, you may have eaten take out with single-use cutlery that looked and felt like plastic, yet stated it was “biodegradable” or “compostable.” If I could guess, it probably had a cute, little leaf next to it. The feedstocks of such “bio-based” plastics are renewable and can be grown again

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United By Blue Launches In Target

target and united by blue partner

Philadelphia-based sustainable outdoor apparel company, United By Blue, removes one pound of trash from waterways for every product purchased. They’ve also (low key, high key) won the partnership of big box retailer, Target, for their new Impact Collection. The line features sustainably sourced, high-quality clothing using the following materials. 1. Hemp Requires 50% less water compared to conventional cotton Returns 60-70% of

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The Run Down on Roundup

farmer spraying pesticides

Bayer has announced that they are pulling glyphosate (Roundup) from store shelves by 2023. Glyphosate is the most commonly used herbicide in the world. It’s used to kill invasive weeds.  why are they taking it off of shelves? In order to avoid lawsuits related to the chemical’s potential to cause cancer. The World Health Organization classified it as “probably carcinogenic to humans” back in 2015. 

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