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Animal Meat Consumption Slows For First Time Since 2000

cows on a field

Photo Credit Above:, I remember the first time someone told me that I wasn’t going to make a difference by subbing a cheeseburger for a plant-based burger. It has stuck with me for years. Even drove me to make more sustainable choices to prove that I could indeed make an impact. Why did

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6 foods that have as much protein as beef and much less of an environmental impact

Hey everyone! How’s it going? This is sort of a follow up post from my other one that explains how consuming beef is correlated with global warming, and therefore, enabling climate change. Ever since I stopped eating beef (or I should say deciding to purchase in any way) I’ve naturally been exposed to new forms

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An oversimplified explanation of how cattle agriculture contributes to global warming

My journey with meat has been everything but normal. I went from being a cheeseburger in paradise kind of girl to someone who now, never buys meat really at the grocery store or chooses a burger only if it’s already been purchased and prepared. I’ve become comfortable now saying while in a culinary setting, “I

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