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New Process Produces Nylon From Plant Waste

Nylon polymer chemistry chain

Source of Above Image: Science Struck 64% of our clothing today comes from synthetic, plastic materials. Amongst polyester and spandex, another prominent synthetic material that we see all the time in our closets is Nylon. First launched commercially by DuPont in 1938, Nylon was originally manufactured for toothbrushes. The nylon stocking entered the market shortly

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6 Biodegradable Looks From Everlane’s Sale

Everlane is one of those companies that is on their A+ game when it comes to business ethics (fashion ethics per se), transparency and sustainability. They’ve impressed me from the start. This week, the entire Everlane site is 25% off and it ends on Friday (April 3rd)!  I wanted to share some of my favorites

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